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The Best Travel Agents Save You Time and Money!


Choosing the right Vacation can be quite difficult in today's world. Choosing the right Travel Agent can be even harder! With so many options available, how can you be sure you're making the right decision?



At PTS Travel, our goal is to provide you with the professional and personal service that is too often lacking in today's business environment. We provide you with the information, knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions about your vacation.  We handle all of the details so we can make sure your vacation runs smoothly. As your Professional Travel Specialist, we promise the following:



  • Best Value: We offer the best travel value possible by providing you with accurate information on your choices, special promotions and quality. We help you get the best value for your travel dollar, and compare several different options in order to get you the best price.  If the cruise line, resort or tour supplier lowers the price prior to final payment, we will go back to them and request that you get the lower price or upgrade because we want you to get the best deal.  


  • One-stop shopping: We will help you save money and time! We can handle every aspect of your trip, from air tickets to car rentals; from hotel reservations to sightseeing. Information is available at the tips of our fingers. Why should you call each airline or supplier individually, or spend hours searcing the internet when we can pull up all your travel options within seconds to help you find the best deal?


  • Convenience and personal service: We provide timely and efficient delivery of your documents, brochures, videos and other requested information.  All of your questions will be answered personally, and you’ll always speak with the same person each time you call. We strive to develop personal relationships with our clients - we know who you are, and we know all of the details of your vacation.  You won’t waste valuable time waiting on hold or maneuvering your way through call-processing systems. Voicemails and emails are answered in less than 24 hours. We are available when you are; we will assist you in the evenings and on weekends at your convenience.


  • Customer advocate: In the event that you experience a problem with a particular part of your vacation, we act on your behalf to make sure the issue is resolved. Since we don't work for the cruise lines, resorts or airlines, we have the leverage and resources necessary to resolve problems quickly and to your satisfaction. We encourage our clients to contact us if they've arrived at their resort or their cruise ship, and are unsatisfied. By doing, so we can resolve issues immediately.


  • Expert Advice and Guidance: It takes quite a bit of training and skills to be the best travel agent. We continuously update and improve our skills by taking Destination Specialist courses and attending seminars to make sure we're always on top of this ever-changing industry. We also travel ourselves so that we are familiar with the products we are selling. We use our knowledge, skills, training and personal experiences to help you choose the best cruise line, resort or destination for your vacation.


  • No Fees*, No Hidden Charges: The price we quote you will include everything you've asked us to book, including fares, taxes, security charges, supplier fees, etc. You won't pay us any additional fees to book your travel for you. We are paid by our suppliers, not our clients, so you would pay no more by using our services than if you booked the trip yourself.  In fact, you could end up paying less!  *(If you are booking airline-only reservations, there is a small service fee in addition to the fare because airlines do not pay commissions to agents. If you are booking airline reservations in addition to any other reservation -- cruise, resort, tour package, etc. -- the service fee is waived).



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